21/11/2023 – I had the opportunity to attend and present our work at the APS DFD 2023 in Washington D.C.
It was a great conference, where I had the chance to keep in touch with colleagues from different universities. It lead to a lot of fruitful discussions, so now I have a lot of ideas that I need to test in the lab!

16/09/2023 – Big news! I moved to México to take a position as an Associate Researcher at the Instituto de Materiales, UNAM

06/04/2023 – I had the opportunity to present my research and chair a session at the ICMF2023 in Kobe. It was great to see all the interesting presentations, meet new colleagues and keep in touch with old ones.

22/03/2023 – Nice work led by Jelle Schoppink and Keerthana Mohan. Here, we study the influence of the wettability on the direction and breakup of a microfluidic jet.

17/01/ 2023- Diana van der Ven, a PhD I co-supervise published her first, first author paper from the PhD! In this paper, we explored how the substrate stiffness and inertia of an impacting jet affect the outcome. This is crucial information for developing splash free and needle-free injections.

1/12/2022 -A nice way to end the year. Our paper where we study the impact of liquid jets onto capillary bridges was published at Soft Matter!

13-16/09/2022- The European Fluid Mechanics Conference in Athens was very good! Great presentations and discussions. Also, very happy to meet a lot of friends and colleagues.

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13/06/2022- It was a very nice experience to have my presentation of apples and droplets on a cinema screen at the MESA+ meeting 2022

3/2022- Our paper on droplet impact and splashing on spheres was featured at the cover of the Journal of Colloids and Interface Science.

11/01/ 2022 – A very nice start of the year. Our paper on the impact of a jet onto a droplet got highlighted by Soft matter as one of the most popular!

15/10/2022- Very happy to had been part of the Da Vinci competition that highlights the top 5 PhD thesis in fluid mechanics of recent graduates. Congrats to Ricardo Constante Amores!

09/07/2022- I’m truly honoured to have received the first prize in the 19th Ercoftac Osborne Reynolds Day, where my work was selected as the best PhD thesis of fluid dynamics in the UK.

18/08/2022- I’m thrilled to share that our paper of the impact of a jet onto a droplet was selected for the cover of the issue!